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Web Development Courses

Web Development Courses

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To access the Web Developer diploma with our distance training, you will have to carry out all the projects with the help of your mentor and have them validated during the defenses. Your file must then be validated by the diploma jury, made up of professionals. Web Development Courses in Lahore if you need to, use the courses we offer to prepare for projects. If you are a complete beginner, web development can be a real challenge - our goal is to simplify the topic enough for you to learn easily, while providing you with enough detail for you to be on your own. You should feel at home whether you are a student learning web development (on your own or as part of your studies), a teacher looking for course materials, an amateur, or someone who just wants to understand the way. which the web and its technologies work. If you are completely new to web development, we recommend that you start by working our "Getting Started with the Web" module , which is a hands-on introduction to web development. 

The web developer is essential in a development team. IT has no secrets for him and his mission is to bring visual models of a site or a web application to life. The web developer must translate, into web language, his graphic recommendations by writing HTML, CSS, but also JavaScript code. You can become a web developer in companies such as ESN (formerly SSII), but also web agencies, start-ups, SMEs, large companies or even under the status of self-employed. Web Development Courses in Lahore after a few years of experience, the web developer can specialize in a programming language and progress to a more expert position, of JavaScript developer, for example. This possibility allows you to integrate the world of work from the start of your studies, while receiving a salary bonus. As an apprentice, you have the chance to be able to share with your colleagues, which allows you to professionalize and put your skills into practice very quickly. 

If you already have some knowledge, the next step is to study HTML and CSS in detail ?: start with our Introduction to HTML module , then see the Introduction to CSS module . If you're already comfortable with HTML and CSS, or if you're more into coding, check out JavaScript or server-side development. Start with our JavaScript modules : First steps and First steps on the server side. HTML is the language used to structure the various parts of content and define their meaning and role. This article teaches you HTML in detail. CSS is the language we can use to style and format web content as well as to add behaviors such as animation. Web Development Courses in Lahore this article covers CSS comprehensively. It is the scripting language used to add dynamic functionality to web pages. This article teaches the fundamentals needed to understand and write JavaScript easily.  A series of teacher-training (and learning) activities created by the Mozilla Foundation, covering everything from getting started with the web and privacy.