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The Social Media Manager is a specialist in charge of managing a brand's image in the digital world. It defines the marketing and editorial strategy, and promotes the image of the company through digital media. Often assisted by a community manager in charge of publishing content and animating communities, the scope of action of the social media manager is multi-channel and multi-support. Our Master of Business Administration Specialized in Digital Marketing & Business Specialized  MBA DM , in partnership with the HUB Institute Digital Think Tank whose vocation is to support large companies in their digital transformation meets the expectations of students by adapting its program the digital evolution of the economic market and business sectors.

Digitech is the digital communication training prepares you for the job of Social Media Manager by providing you with both theoretical and practical learning. The Social media manager (SMM) is one of these new web professions that have appeared thanks to the proliferation of social networks. Expert in digital communication, he takes care of the e-reputation of a company or a brand, of the management of its notoriety and of generating traffic on its website. To do this, he creates and manages a community attached to the product, brand or service provided by his client. Behind this jack-of-all-trades image of the web, hides a real key position in the digital strategy of a company whose goal is simple: the development, thanks to social media, of the number of customers. It's not, as you might think, someone having fun on social media, a Facebook junkie, or someone who twitters for nothing. On the contrary, the Social media manager is a specialist, a high level expert in his field. 

This eminently tactical executive position represents a real spearhead for a successful communication / marketing operation. Between network animation and web project development, SMM has its place in all communication and digital marketing companies. Some large companies hire their own SMM to internally manage the development of their communication on the web, find new customers on the internet and, above all, not lose control of their reputation. It is not uncommon for him to be confused with the Community manager. Indeed, it sometimes combines both functions, but it actually intervenes upstream by precisely defining the digital strategy on social media. He plans the various operations to be implemented to retain the community on the web: contests, videos, blog articles, affiliation, viral marketing, etc. It also analyzes the impact of these operations upstream. Ideally, he is the hierarchical superior of the Community manager and the Content manager and can head all the positions working around social media in a communication company. However, in job offers, it is still often a Community manager (CM) profile that is requested, while the job description lists skills that correspond well to that of a social media manager. It is therefore necessary to “peel” the offers of employment on all trades around social media. Most advertisements offer permanent contracts. Business leaders now take long-term social media management and customer loyalty into account. Today, many small businesses, often artisanal, want a social media manager.