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seo course

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) , also called natural referencing , is a set of techniques aimed at acquiring traffic (visitors) from "free" or "organic" search engine results. If you want to optimize your site so that it goes up in search results, get more customers thanks to the traffic on your site, or even set up a long-term natural referencing strategy within your organization, do not hesitate more and get started now! The optimization for search engines , also known as SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is to guide the positioning of a web page in the results of search engines . We aim to position ourselves on keywords corresponding to the search queries of Internet users . It is generally considered that the positioning of a site is good when it is ranked in the first ten responses of a search. we go through the different media and parameters in order to instill in the learner the notions of ethical and clean linking that this work requires. Link profile: an essential concept that guides link building and requires caution. Avoiding spam, becoming aware of the risks and limits of the exercise are the main attentions of this delicate work. Between support platforms and resident hosting, video optimization is also endowed with various strong levers. 

These courses deal with subjects such as: the fundamentals of website traffic and web analytics , the history of SEO, optimization (page, site, off-site), finding and optimizing keywords, etc. . They are intended for students with a basic technical web culture (even without understanding everything, being able to edit html code. These courses, in animated slides, video, pptx , pdf are distributed under a Creative Commons license : provided that you quote me and put a link to this page, you can reuse or modify them in a non-commercial context, (at the except for images) but you must then publish them under the same conditions. By learning to master SEO optimized writing and writing "search engine oriented" your site will stand out and gain positions. It is the art of creating a network of inbound links to your site. Each link is a vote that brings some authority to your web portal. In this part of the SEO training, 

This specialized training for web optimization is also given in modules specific to webmasters, web editors , bloggers, content providers and website owners. A website is first and foremost content, texts rich in vocabulary, informative and engaging the reader in a process of belonging to the brand. We do not forget the images, the video and certain practices whose impact is sometimes surprising (computer graphics, survey, etc.) Structuring the writing of a text dedicated to the Web, it is to seduce its reader, but also to send positive signals to the bots of the search engines. This web writing course can be taken alone The optimization of texts, their structuring are the most powerful levers over which we keep control in the life of a website .